“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”   - Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Some  of the quintessential questions that constantly confront our sense of worth and purpose are..

'What is the meaning of life’?

‘Why am I here’? 

 ‘How does my life make a difference’?

I have been told there is divine reason for my existence and that something significant resides in my DNA that will eventually define my contribution to the world around me! For most of my life I will meander around in the mundane activities of daily living attempting to survive the rigours of responsibility and relational interconnection all the while searching for some kind of increased happiness. 

In the midst of my conundrums I bump into the work of hope which reveals the ‘activist’ in me, the person who deeply cares about something to the point that it wants to make a difference in society, while somehow trying to convince others of the merits of it's romantic idealism and altruistic benefaction.


My activism may not need to reach the heights of a Martin Luther King Jnr or Rosa Parks, but it will inflame my imagination and enthusiasm to the point where I exceed my personal expectations of social and political impact. 

‘Baptism in holy spirit is the birth of activism in human consciousness' 

Religion has often been misrepresented in its mission to define human existence. It gets caught up in institutional in-fighting, arguing about after-life scenarios and moral constructs. It is intent on defending and defining God, rather than re-awakening the spirit of ‘eternal life’ in the human soul. (When I say ‘eternal life’ I am referring to the innate essence of divinity in our humanity).

If Jesus is the face of God and the archetype for what really matters then we must follow in his subversive steps, seeking to confront the weakness of our religious affiliation and yet convey its amazing benefit and strengths when understood in a holistic and healthy way. Jesus did not just come to start something but also to end a really dysfunctional way of how we see God and how God sees us. He reminded us that there has always been a cosmic conspiracy in play, a divine overlay that has been hovering and pulsing over creation from the very beginning, calling us to participate in its transcendental purpose.

The spirit of Christ is at work in the world and I am called to participate in its insurgent quest to resist the principalities and powers that have controlled the masses, and help re-enchant the world with a benevolent view of life.

In order to discover this elusive purpose of significance that I deeply crave it may just be about engaging with what is already happening around me, joining those who have bumped into the spirit of Christ at work in society; #metoomovement  #blacklivesmatter #endpoverty #hugsmatter #lovewins, or whatever hash tag captures your imagination and reactivates your enthusiasm.*

'To care' means that we must grieve the loss of that which has passed us by, good bad or indifferent, and reengage with the ‘new awareness’ that the evolution of human consciousness offers us.

 *The etymology of the latin 'enthusiasmus' means ‘to be possessed by a god, be rapt, be in ecstasy.