‘The mystery of weakness is that strength finds it highly attractive’

Strength and weakness have always been seen as opposites, incompatible states of being that seem to despise the existence of each other, often encouraged by the dominant culture of dualism that thrives on comparison and competition.

Weakness sees strength as an overbearing dominant that is always striving for success in order to support its overinflated egocentric narcissism. On the other hand strength sees weakness as an annoying encumbrance that limits and restricts the flourishing and thriving of our existence, something to overcome and potentially eliminate as an everyday possibility.

Learning to live in harmony with these duelling realities is a more honest and integrous way of doing life, the ongoing process of accepting the fragility of our humanity as it grapples with situations that are often outside of its jurisdiction.

‘Your power (strength) is made perfect in weakness…'

True power is realised when we embrace our weakness and let strength do its work of pathos in our lives. The essence of strength is not seen in its fixing of the situation but in its coming alongside to undergird and offer support throughout the ordeal. Real strength finds weakness really attractive, its pheromone a calling card that opens the door to greater intimacy. In any intimate relationship partnership is a mutual cooperation and collaboration that is constantly seeking to understand the sacred other.

The rich and powerful of this world are often recognised by the extreme wealth and influence they have rather than by the philanthropic endeavours that they participate in. Fortunately we are seeing a shift in the culture of greed and abuse that has been done in the name of strength and are allowing the poverty of weakness to capture our imagination and enable us to re-enchant the world.

‘Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven’

Through us the divine is committed to finding ways to bless others and introduce them to a way of life that is other worldly. Heaven is not so much a geographical location as it is a state of consciousness that breaks into our fixed mindset in order to bring relief, and hopefully restoration.


I am weak because I am human and I am strong because I am more than the sum of my parts, reliant on the greater goodness of all that is outside of my own ability to cope with in this world. When we are exposed to someones weakness we are offered an opportunity to consider whether there is a flicker of strength that we can share with another in order to provide momentary respite on their journey towards wholeness.

When we deny our weakness we often do so because of our fear of vulnerability and the possibility of being taken advantage of. Mistrust seems to find great comfort in believing that the world is out to get us, which causes us to put on a front and act like we have it all together, trapped in the lonely world of our false self.

Strength and weakness are compatriots, allies that must learn to enjoy each others company lest we stay deceived by the illusion that life is solely about victory and triumph, this upwardly mobile western mindset of success.

Life is a rollercoaster that is intent on keeping us humble, by helping us engage our dualities with hopeful resistance. We are a beautiful mix of inconsistency and incongruous dissonance that finds it way by embracing the paradox of these seemingly contradictory forces in every sphere of life.

Sometimes your greatest strength can emerge as a weakness if the context changes. - Harsha Bhogle