My life is an event where ideas contest for supremacy, the right to shape and sculpt the kind of person I will become, the emerging suggestions that will dictate the possible course of action that will define my maturation. Every idea holds the possibility of epiphany, a sudden realisation and revelation that redefines the boundaries of how my life finds meaning. It confronts my status quo, refusing to let me settle with sameness, as if  to say there has to be more to life than what I am currently experiencing. It’s like an adventure virus that infects my inquisitive self, keeping my fascination alert to the thought of new discovery.

‘Life is a contest of ideas’

When I finally realise that I am not competing with other persons I start to defeat the enemy of comparison that blurs the lines of my identity eventually polluting the stream of my consciousness. Becoming comfortable in my own skin is a daily struggle as I am bombarded with the cultural cliches of defined success and failure, ideas that try to clone my existence threatening to reduce it to another cog in the hamster wheel of life. This contest will require an indefatigable determination on my part, a resolve to trust my imagination and integrity and believe in the spirit of wisdom and revelation that helps me to know myself better, a self that is embedded in a rich otherness and transcendent beauty that is working on my behalf.

          "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”                          - Paulo Coelho.  The Alchemist

The etymology of ‘idea’ means to ‘form a pattern’ or 'to see.’ Ideas are the deep unseen and unformed desires that emerge to conspire on our behalf, creative and colourful cravings that expose our hunger to the possibility of deep fulfilment. Like universal guardians of humanity that parent our development and growth. They guide us on the journey that leads us into the uncharted territory of self-discovery, altruistically committed to our very best interests.

Your whole being is a seedbed of ideas that collude on your behalf, springing up to surprise you with new daily sustenance. Never underestimate their legitimacy, as crazy as some of them might be. 

Ideas are your guide on this amazing journey called life so stay open to the  possibility of something special..