'To deny here is to harrow the heart. Hello to here'. - Padraig O Tuama

The ancient proverb that states ‘Where the tree falls there it lies’ is a somewhat humorous stating of the obvious that sometimes gets a little lost in translation.

Where we land or find ourselves is where we are supposed be, this is the place where we are consciously called to engage and enjoy life even if the circumstances are uncomfortable and not to our liking. It is in my here-ness that I need to discern the deep feelings and responses that are trying to help me reinterpret my situation and somehow reanimate my hopefulness as I seek to continuously redefine what it means to be a human 'being’. Hopefulness is not about trying to future proof our lives by painting a rosy picture of something else other than our ‘now experience’ but about the realisation that our present status is the future that has already arrived for us to process and work through.

Our inability to be comfortable with our current actuality can be due to a conditioned societal discontent that is often inflamed by the over zealous success merchants who are marketing a brighter future contrary to the present, by employing oft quoted cliches that continue to overpromise what I would call a disingenuous view of life. Promises like ‘the best is yet to come’ or ‘we are heading for a bigger brighter and more beautiful future’, not to mention the banal comment of ‘your best life is ahead of you’.

The cynic in me has heard enough of the spin doctors who are not helping us to be content with our immediate state, make the bold calls we need to make, and encourage us to live into our real world experience.


‘You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way’ -Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Maybe the quote ‘nothing can stand in your way’ appeals to the romantic idealist in me where its altruistic boast suggests that freedom is an easily acquired state of mind that is conjured up through the power of positive thinking, when in actual fact there is something that can stand in your way - YOU. My false perceptions, unrealistic expectations, deceptive imaginings and constant comparisons with those around me often creep in to sabotage my contentment and self acceptance.

To fully understand the here and now we need to learning the 'art of welcoming’ , embracing the moment as it appears, an invitation by destiny itself to acknowledge and accept the challenge to live into the atmosphere we find ourselves in order that our lives can truely move forward. We don’t need to over react or reject certain realities because they might be the antithesis of what we want but see them as an intricate web of intrigue that surrounds our becoming.

This is what God does. He gives his best—the sun to warm and the rain to nourish—to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. -St Matthew

Both pain and pleasure are the flip sides of what life affords us…and while I have a definite preference for pleasure I have to acquire the grace to help me cope and be here in the moment trusting that God is somehow bringing out the best in me through it all.

To be here is to welcome, embrace, and grapple with the predicament/situation I find myself in knowing that there is no quick fix or avoidance tactic that will suffice. Hope is my grace and mercy is my plea to the powers that be…I am safe in the arms of destiny.

I belong to ‘here’