‘Our indifference can sometimes render the gravity of the moment inconsequential’

Life is an unfolding sequence of events that throws all kinds of surprises in our direction. Some of them are exciting and enthralling, others are tumultuous terrifying. Learning to navigate the terrain becomes our challenge as we attempt to discern and respond to what appears on our radar. On numerous occasions I have been amused by my lackadaisical attitude and apathetical reaction to what drifts into my immediate geography, perhaps a symptom of the first world entitlement that has become my lot in life.

The art of noticing appreciates the gravity of the current situation, holding us in check long enough to process all the stimuli that is trying to apprehend our attention.

Gravity is a natural unexplainable phenomena that holds me in place demanding that I pay attention to that which keeps me grounded, restraining me momentarily so that I can concentrate on the footprint that life has afforded me. Gravity also dictates my place in the universe as it relates to all other matter, the push and pull of those universal elements helping to include me in a creation dance that moves to a divine rhythm of sorts.

Sir Isaac Newton concluded that gravity is only understood if we attribute it some kind of intelligent divine agency. The sheer grandeur of its powerful influence defines the trajectory and life flow of the planets as they interrelate and interact as circulating galactic bodies. How much more so you and I?

Religion as my go to spiritual narrative has attempted to provide some explainable logic around the forces that govern my life. While a large chunk of it still remains a mystery, every now and then its riddle offers a plausible solution to the conundrums that my mind battles with.

When Jesus attempted to give God a human face he did it by sometimes defying the laws of nature in order that the restrictions could be lifted on our myopic thinking around para-normal activity. His transcendent party tricks included turning water into wine, waking on water and healing miracles of all descriptions, to name just a few. While I am still a little agnostic about said events I think it is the only way we get a behind-the-scenes look at another way the world/universe might work.

Tapping into that reality has been the pursuit of many a mystic, constantly knocking on the doors that attempt to open our understanding to new realms of spiritual experience.

Montauk Beach

Montauk Beach

‘Be still and know that I am God’ -Psalmist

Maybe we need to take a moment and let gravity have her way with us, not so much as a physical but as a spiritual phenomena. Her hold is one of ‘pause’ or ‘stillness’ where we are asked to pay attention more often, especially to the little things that happen all around us. God is not so much a super being that dictates the laws of nature but the ground of all being that demands our need for concentrated communion.

The frenetic pace that we often find ourselves living at can cause us to miss some profound experiences of the divine. Miracles happen to us everyday if we care to notice. Maybe the Jesus story was trying to highlight this by reminding us that all the ingredients for the miraculous are hiding in plain sight, slowly doing their work. The divine is not so much about intervention but more so about invention. We have been given the power to discover new ways of working with the laws that we thought were fixed in concrete, a closed set so to speak. Maybe things are more fluid and flexible than we actually realise. When we come together as a human race our combined inventiveness can rework the laws of nature…a.k.a space travel.

We all want a quick fix to our problems, a fast track to success or a supernatural sign that God is with us. God is the gravity that holds me, a reminder that water will eventually turn into wine if I learn the ways of fermentation, that walking on water is possible if I have something more buoyant to support me and maybe miracles can even happen in our bodies when we give our immune system the respect she deserves. If we pause long enough and abide in the ground that is our being we might begin to notice that which holds us in its grasp and potentially be surprised by what happens when we least expect it.

‘Its only when gravity starts to take over you begin to think about your body’ - David Soul