'I'll climb to the lookout tower and scan the horizon.  I'll wait to see what God says, how he'll answer my complaint.' - Habbakuk

We all carry an internal complaint of some sort; a deep sense of unsatisfactory and unacceptable feeling - an ailment in our soul that is constantly looking for a cure. This raw, honest evaluation of the human condition that exposes our deep longing and hunger for something more. 

We have all been told that complaining is a pointless waste of emotional energy, that it drains our ability to be productive and healthy contributors to society. But what if the complaints we feel are harbingers that signal the approach of new opportunity to see life differently; our internal wrestling becoming a forerunner of something deeper pushing to the surface of our lives.  Could complaint then be a signpost that guides us toward a new trajectory in life, just like previous generations whose grievance pushed them to find new ways to evolve as a human race?

The prophets of old knew that complaint precipitated an encounter with the divine. It was a catalyst designed to engage with a celestial wisdom that would open our eyes to new horizons of personal adventure and discovery. And as that complaint begins to morph into a vision of sorts, a holy mandate that brokers resolve and resolute purposefulness, we experience a newfound clarity and confidence to move forward.

What is your deep complaint and how will you resolve it? Rather than be dismissive of what you are grappling with inside, see it as God’s gift for you to unwrap and find what hides at its core.

When the civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jnr embraced his complaint against racism and segregation his eyes were opened to the dream of a new humanity that would emerge from society's malady.  

I sometimes wonder if that famously quoted statement  'do everything without complaining’ is Paul at his brilliant, facetious best, leaning back into his familiarity with the Psalms of lament; encouraging us not to be disparaging of our real feelings but to offer them up to God as act of cathartic relief.

Complaint is a divine opportunity; embrace it and see what God will do.