‘Love is the original miracle’    - Elbow (band)

We often consider a miracle to be an extraordinary event or experience that defies all odds and happens outside of natural or scientific laws, the affect of divine agency. A strange occurrence that cannot be explained by rational logic.

And yet we live in a world where miracles occur everyday, as love, a primary divine metaphor, manifests itself in all walks of life. While there are things that happen that are unexplainable and outside of our comprehension, the miracle of love is constantly at work magically recalibrating society and reshaping all human interaction. 

Love is the original miracle, the mysterious glue that guides and governs the very nature of all living creatures. Whether it is the will to live or the determination to evolve we are transfixed by its mystical spell and beautiful intrigue.

When you open your eyes to every new day the face of love greets you like the dawn, awakening the expectation of intimate connection and dialogue with all of life, demanding your attentive participation.

Love helps us find our way, the ubiquitous guide that creates new pathways of relationships and self-determination, reminding us that life must reproduce in us if we are to be at our very best.

Its can never be reduced down to a cliche that falls from our lips like a disingenuous superlative intent on impressing our hearers while somehow becoming an adventure in missing the point. Love is more than a flaccid greeting that seeks to flatter and impress an audience with romantic idealism.

Love is a call for incarnation, a full body engagement that becomes enveloped in complete surrender and servitude, my life overtaken by a divine source intent on theosis and transformation. 

Everything about love sings to a transcendent  melody line completely oblivious to human agenda and manipulation, never offended by our innocuous misuse of its ideals.

‘Love will never fail’ the biblical writer retorts.

As we journey down the road of understanding into the depths of love never underestimate the unfolding mystery of its affect, in awe of its unfolding glory.