Right from our early beginnings we are pre-wired to ask questions, to interrogate the very nature of life itself, to elicit information in order to satisfy our enquiring minds.

The inquisitive orientation of our need to know demands answers and elucidation, a kind of clarification that is sometimes unreasonable and disproportionate. We often expect too much of what life is trying to do in us, convinced by purpose-mongers that we need all the answers and absolute clarity in order to live fulfilled lives, and then what's worse is that we begin to project this on to God as a kind of over-promising advocate for our best interests. I do believe that God has our best interest at heart but it may not be answers and clarity that bring us assurance.

‘God is the questions that arise in our soul…enquiry itself’

What if God was not so much separate of our human condition, somehow slightly severed from us because of our SIN, but actually hides in the questions themselves, a kind of provocateur that pushes to the surface of our lives with deep honesty and authenticity. Then I no longer need to strive for an answer that is elusively distinct from the question but can settle into the the answer hidden in the enquiry itself. Then everything about the dialogue changes and I immediately begin to listen to the question over and over again as it reveals its true nature to me.

Questions like, Where are you God? Why did you let this happen? Why does religion never satisfy my questions about you?,  can become normalised as the mystique of not knowing, the essence of absolute trust.

As a child grows an interesting phenomenon occurs, she begins to question our protocols and parenting approaches, a kind of push back that suggests that even at an early stage the answers we give are unsatisfactory. Something in her questions is alerting us to the divine nature that lurks below, reaching out for acknowledgement and recognition for the ‘whys’ that percolate in her soul.

Parenting is the godly profession of mysterious guesswork, the second chance opportunity to revisit your own questions in a new generation. 

God is life that is forever evolving, meeting us in our questions and reassuring us of a providence that hold us in its grip.

Ask and keep on asking!