‘A persons reach should surpass their grasp’    - Robert Browning


What we hold in our hand is sufficient for the current and realised juncture, a grasp on reality that provides us with a sense of momentary authenticity. The things we touch and experience shape the world view of our natural lives, forming our sensate paradigm and intimate connection to the world around us. To re-shape Descarte ’s idea:   ‘I experience therefore I am’

I am the product of my daily encounters, the formation of a human life that subscribes to the narrative of societal inculturation. My experiences somehow add to the historical mosaic of humanities evolution, in a small but significant way.

We have all been raised to believe that we should reach for the stars, to  trust in the limitless nature of the universe and its pull on our earthly existence. Somewhere out there in the celestial expanse is a transcendent power that defies the gravitational hold of the earth transporting our imagination to other-worldly possibilities. For centuries humans have been fascinated with the expanding multi-universe, its intrigue inciting our minds with outrageous ideas of adventure, escapade, and discovery. The final frontier with its alluring beauty beckons us to reach inside and dare to imagine what the heavens may be hiding.

Captain Kirk aptly describes the meaning of ‘reach’ as to "boldly go where no man has gone before". More than ever technology is telling us that it won't be long before we can redefine our mortality and immortalise our own advancement, pushing the boundaries of our inventive capacity. Who would have thought that the cell phone would become the new teleportation device, the transporter that magically carries us to foreign soil in a heart beat, expanding the reach of our creative resourcefulness. 

What we hold in our hand may suffice for now but it may be inadequate for tomorrow, a subtle reminder that each day requires a new embrace of expectation if we are to reach for the stars. 

"Keep looking up, help is on the way!"  - St Luke