‘Nothing is more creative..nor destructive…than a brilliant mind with a purpose’ - Dan Brown, Inferno

One of the great existential questions that plagues the mind of all humanity is…. 'What is the reason for life and how am I to understand the very nature of my purpose’?

Who I am and what I do and how that contributes to the greater good is the ongoing quest of human consciousness, (maybe not so much a biggie when we were young and somewhat disconnected from the responsibility that catches up with us in our adult years) this deep intrinsic longing that slowly emerges to remind us that we not just a composition of the six primary elementals of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, calcium and phosphorous that have been mindlessly thrown together by fate or an accidental act of evolution.

The mystical nature of purpose suggests that we are more than our chemical, intellectual, or emotional makeup, a mysterious concoction of body and spirit that the mystics extol as the GOD essence. At the core of our being we are first and foremost ‘awareness’, the will to live and be fully cognisant of our surroundings while seeking to participate in the space we find ourselves in.

Our sense of resolve or determination is fuelled by an unfolding script that appears in our imagination. Learning to read or interpret this script will be become our lifelong challenge.

More than ever we need ‘spiritual advisors’ who guide us to discern the voice of purpose within, the hum of reverence that is seeking to help us find our rhythm and role in life.

Discernment requires the vast experience of wisdom, judgement, percipience, understanding, and lived experience in order to uncover our purpose and navigate through the complex nature of learning to embrace our unfolding future.


Finding your sense of purpose is not about discovering an absolute answer to why your life makes sense, but rather it is about learning to interpret the map that has been etched on your heart. This very ancient map is like a hidden treasure that slowly surfaces to reveal its bounty when the time is right, as if motivated by a transcendent agenda.

In the words of the Beatles…"Roll up, roll up for the Mystery Tour, Roll up, roll up for the Mystery Tour, it's hoping to take you away, it's hoping to take you away”.

Purpose is not a set path but a magical mystery tour that asks us to make the road while we travel on it, yet it can be a precarious path as it is so easily corrupted by the external indicators of comparison and competition. We often struggle with our lot in life when we weigh it against the so-called cultural markers that define health, well-being or even success. Social media has become a deadly disrupter of purpose, the new behavioural standard that defines us, a cloning influence that can sideline our true self by reducing our integrity to the lowest common denominator.

Purpose can be a blessing and a curse, a blessing because we experience moments of wonder and exaltation and a curse because we don’t always like the pathway that includes conundrum. Purpose is not the existential Santa whose knee we sit on to request the things we want. It is more like the proverbial Gandalf (LOTR) who shows up at your door asking for someone to share in an adventure all the while unable to guarantee any assurance of safe or certain outcome.

Purpose is a beautiful metaphor for describing God, the voice within, the intrinsic sound that is seeking to hook up with the collective extrinsic harmony, a reminder that we are not godlike alone but only truely godlike in the company of otherness. When we bump into the purpose that hides in another we somehow realise our common union and our common affiliation, enabling barriers to come down, at home in our own bodies, realising the significance and importance our life brings to the greater whole .

‘Its is in the shelter of each other that the people live’ - Padraig O Tuama

Purpose reminds me that I am significant and enough, a lesson I am still trying to learn. So thank-you to all the spiritual advisors out there who are helping me to be comfortable in my own skin.

“There is nothing to prove and nothing to protect. I am who I am and it's enough.”

― Fr. Richard Rohr

Over the last few years I have been developing my skills as a professional Spiritual Advisor in order to help people discern the voice of purpose within. With our evolving culture advancing at a ferocious rate of knots we run the risk of feeling irrelevant and lost in translation. If you would like to talk email me on gregburson@me.com.