prophet+priest (part#1)

‘It is both a distinction and affliction to be a prophet’ - Abraham Heschel

Ezekial: Sistine Chapel

Ezekial: Sistine Chapel

The distinction of being human is that we are all living into the futurity of hopefulness that fuels our becoming. The prophet in me is not just a religious construct but an intrinsic inquisitiveness with the unknown and yet to be revealed…hopes mysterious and romantic alluring.

This prophetic fascination enlivens our will to live, constantly proposing alternative futures that awaken us to new moments of self-discovery. At the core of our deep oneness with all of nature lies a fascination with wonder, that feeling of admiration for the inter-relatedness of all things. We are all prophets in the making, a mix of futurity and antiquity collaborating together to nurture our current reality.

Throughout history prophets were charged with reconnecting us with the beauty of the divine life all around us. They used God metaphors to remind us that our ‘this-ness’ is only as healthy as our connection with that which is other and yet to be experienced. God for the prophet was always that which enhanced and animated our evolution. The word-of-the-Lord was always more than a message of rebuke or adjustment from some distant deity, it was a charge to incarnate and awaken your God-consciousness.

The prophets knew instinctively, as you do yourself, that we are all made in the image of something far greater and all encompassing, that calls us to grow, morph, and transform into the new likeness that is on offer. This prophetic awareness is instinctively linked to our discernment, intuition and conscience, which shapes our virtuous desires, longings and cravings.

Leaning into my prophetic awareness will mean allowing my status quo and comfort levels to be challenged and confronted. The prophetic will not settle for a mediocre version of myself, a below par expression of unfulfilled dreams. In fact the prophetic centre, our imagination, is constantly conspiring with the powers that be to renovate our understanding and release us from the fixed-set mindsets that plague our rational constructs.

We often mistrust our imagination due to a historical over dependence on reason. It seems that we have let knowledge become the God of choice especially when it comes to making decisions and disseminating the relevant information on offer. We have seen our imaginings as fanciful and unrealistic in the light of logical explanation and clear thought, and yet the creative centre of our wild-ness and untamed nature constantly pushes us to take risks, trust our hearts and fall in love with adventure.

The prophet in you is listening to voices that are echo's of ancient manuscripts written before the dawn of time, that don't necessarily subscribe to an objectivity that is clear, concise, and sensible. The subjectivity of your prognosticating self will always suffer the scrutiny of those who might be more measured or controlled, suggesting that wisdom is confined to their prescribed agenda. You owe it to yourself to listen to the notions and impulses that surge inside of your creative centre, lest you become a societal clone that finds itself trapped in a really bad version of the Truman show, a film that depicts the power of institution and corporation as agents of fear and control.

We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that. - Christof: Truman show

When we feel trapped by our circumstances, a victim of the empire or powers outside of our control the prophet in us will always find a way to question and confront the false reality that holds us captive, in order to propose an alternative future.

Listen to your inner prophet, trust your instincts, and let your muse lead you into a new way of being.