If you are not bringing energy to it, you are taking energy from it - Seth Godin


Energy is the sacred force that resonates in and through our lives, the internal momentum that drives our responses and reactions, guiding our contribution to the world around us. It is fuelled by a rich combination of thought, emotion, and desire, that collaborate together to shape our behaviour and conduct. 

The subliminal energies of motivation that surface in our everyday life are the result of a growing awareness of what science calls ‘evolutionary psychology’, a convergence of discovery around genetics, neuropsychology and geo-biology (the findings of earth science Paleontology). As we uncover the treasures of our ancient beginnings and the inherited divine DNA that is buried in the mystery of our makeup we evolve in our understanding of the untapped potential we possess. That in turn shapes the maturation of our self-awareness.

Human nature is complex and colourful, a rich tapestry of connected tissue and matter that is animated by a spiritual energy that governs our will to live and connect with sacred otherness. The sciences and religion have had a complicated relationship over the centuries but are now beginning to recognise the importance of considering each others findings in order to provide us with a balanced understanding of who we are as a human race. 

Religion has often described the soul as the core of who we are, a fusion of the natural and spiritual elements that come together to define the real you. Its emanation of energy illuminates our growing understanding of the inherited traits and personality temperaments that are inborn and universal, that help us blend into our immediate environments.

Just like the ancient script suggests that bad company can corrupt good morals, so too good company can contribute to our maturing construct of virtue.  We are creatures of habit who find ourselves drawing from the greater pool of drive and desire around us, our very existence energised by the subliminal messages and subatomic connections that enhance our interconnectedness.

I recently revisited the ancient enneagram system, which is primarily interested in the deep energies that animate my life and the life of those around me. It works as a tool of discernment to comprehend the typology of the nine interconnected personality types.  If I can understand the energy I give off and the energy that others give off I will be be better off for it. If I refuse to consider the makeup of my inter-relational connections then I will end up disrupting the delicate balance of parallel interdependence. Self-awareness and self-discovery are essential if we are to fully comprehend the part we play in society and how better to find our place in grand scheme of things.

The sensation of energy expands with increasing relaxation.     - Ilchi Lee

At a very pragmatic level our vocational aspirations and assimilations govern the primary way in which we contribute to society. Our work energises are our sense of purpose and productivity, reinforcing the importance of our fundamental need to make a difference. In order to avoid an over inflated sense of achievement which can lead to a very judgemental interaction of comparison and competition, we need to give our energies to increased relaxation and rest. It takes a concerted effort of focus to listen to your body clock and lean into moments of recovery that recharge your batteries. Maybe learning to relax is actually a gift of re-energising that keeps the balance of our work and rest in healthy union?

"Energy is an eternal delight, and whoever desires it will not be disappointed”