“I am a baby, I am a child, I am the innocent wonder in my eyes

I am a glimpse, I am a sign, of someone I can be, someone I might

I am not one, I am not two, but I am a million things entwined

I am a piece, I am a slice, strung together by the yarns of time.”

― Sanober Khan


Every now and then we get a glimpse of a reality that is outside of the box of our current interpretation of life, a sneak peek so to speak of the thing-behind-the-thing that desires to expand our experience of existence. This awakening realisation is a complex myriad of ingredients that are negotiating our maturation by opening the eyes of our understanding to a new matrix of meaning. This potentially transcendent experience confronts our sensate experience of life in order to remind us that there is more going on in the background than we could possibly realise. It seems like the mystical unseen work of providence is subtly exposing us to a new pathway of change and evolution.

We are more than we currently see or encounter in any given moment. Maybe that’s why we are so fascinated with the wonderment that hides in the backdrop of our imagination.

The relatively short nature of our life as we know it is not so much about trying to succeed or achieve in some kind of endeavour, which is not a bad thing, but rather about the great cosmic mystery that is guiding the formation of our unfolding. Getting a glimpse of this mystery can diminish our egos need to prove its worth or subscribe to some kind of expectation that is projected on to us by a culture that is driven by comparison and competition. When I truely see how my life is an important part of the great chain of being I can momentarily relax my striving mind, close my eyes and find a peace that passes all understanding.

In the gospel of St Mark some people brought a blind man to Jesus, asking if he would perform a miracle and restore their friends sight. Interesting side note, we all have "friends" that we want healed, which is why we use them as a third person example to highlight our own desperation for wholeness. We all need healing moments that shift our perspective and preferential way of seeing the world. When Jesus agreed to their request the first part of the recovery process was to remove him from his immediate surroundings, as if to suggest that familiarity plays huge part in our visual obstruction. The blind spots that we all contract due to our environmental affinity and close association with sameness can be the breeding ground for a psychological myopia that blinds us to the myriad of activity that is going on in the background.

That which we have become well acquainted with to the point that we no longer see its glaringly obvious encumbrance in our life becomes somehow integrated into our habitual way of living. A potential glimpse of a way around this impediment brings with it a hopeful view of the future.

What is also interesting about this story is the progressive nature of this healing, a reminder to us all that seeing beyond the veil of our current perception is a long term work of patience and persistence. Jesus is the archetype for the divine assistance that occurs through the hands of others, those who can help open our eyes to their way of seeing the world. Learning to trust the divine in others is a beautiful synergy that occurs when we allow our lives to be guided by a communal vision of togetherness. While it may feel like the blind leading the blind sometimes we have to believe that their are unseen powers that are working for our greater betterment.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness are universal descriptors for the transcendent desire that resides within all of us, outworking their magic in order to give us a glimpse of something new.

“One clear moment, one of trance

One missed step, one perfect dance

One missed shot, one and only chance

Life is all...but one fleeting glance.”

― Sanober Khan