How you get there

“How you get there is where you’ll arrive"     -Mad Hatter: Alice in Wonderland

The unfolding journey is the essence of arrival, the step by step experience of happening that occurs in the moment. How will you remember the feeling of conscious encounter that materialises as time unfolds, the pathways that  form as you digest the perpetual stream of sensory stimuli that life offers? The sights, sounds, smells and kinesthetic interaction of natures offerings are all around, waiting to be noticed and invited to participate in our formation.

Our unfolding awareness is collection of subtle cues that shapes our becoming, a mosaic of minute indicators that guide the twists and turns of our personal roadway. Learning to collaborate with how life leads us will take a certain kind of madness, a crazy imagination, some spontaneous and impulsive considerations and the courage to take a risk and trust yourself. The wonder of life hides in your creative imaginings waiting for the opportunity to surprise you. 

                  Einstein said that, “Everything you imagine is real”

The imagination has been treated with suspicion and awkward nervousness, a fearful resistance that has emerged through the enlightened thinking of rational minds and over-reasoned thinkers.  Perhaps 17th Century French Philosopher Descarte’s mantra for life, ‘I think therefore I am’ has become the God of our lives defining our reason for being, a claustrophobic way of thinking that keeps us trapped in a box, always afraid to trust our instincts and intuitive self. But the Alice in us longs to find her wonder-land, that true place of belonging and abundant life where there are no limits to our self discovery and self fulfilment.

It will take a certain type of ‘falling away’ to find our true home, from what we have been told is the correct way to think, act and believe, a deconstructive abandon that challenges the powers that be, the dogma of those who want us to conform to a mechanical way of being. Falling into the arms of an imaginative narrative is our only hope. The science of imagination has been hi-jacked by those who have lost their vision, not so much that they have become incapable of seeing but that they use so little of themselves to see. The imagination is the eye of the mind and has few limitations in regards to what she can see and script in your life.

How we get there is everything.. wisdom who has been there from the beginning will guide your path with sacred alchemy  so fall into her arms and enjoy the ride.