'If we don't act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft'. - Bill Nelson

Every 2 seconds someone is the victim of identity theft, our security being under threat as a result of the technological advancement and progress that drives our societal evolution. Our lives have become public property to the point where we have exposed our private parts (our true self) to the boot of our developmental curse. In the midst of our need to transcend and advance we have become accustomed to our lives being uncovered and subject to the scrutiny of those who have nothing better to do than take advantage of our vulnerability. Being vulnerable is considered a sign of humility, an authentic expression of honesty that endears you to others, but unfortunately we need safeguards to protect ourselves from those who try to abuse our soft underbelly.

Our technological vulnerability has exposed us to an ironic existential crisis of identity confusion that has reached epidemic proportions. We are running around like headless chickens lost for words trying to cope with the cultural expectations of success and failure that have exacerbated our anxiety and numbed our understanding of what it truely means to be ourselves.

'Often we lose our identity trying to please or placate others'. -Mary Manin Morrissey


It does seem like I am constantly having to address the comparisons that are reflected back to me by the social media madness that hovers above my life like a ghostly cloud that competes for my attention, shaping my view of the world through the lens of over inflated self adulation.

The age old question of 'who am I’ seems to be under scrutiny, seriously ravaged by the mass media opinions of those who are uncomfortable in their own skin, projecting wave upon wave of discontent on to my dissatisfied self.

'When you have a lot of people telling you what you are and perceiving you in a certain way, it's difficult to find your own identity'. -Sia

If I am to truely be me then I will need to find a way to get off the comparison train long enough to take a breath and regain a sense of momentary sanity. Comparisons in life are an unavoidable a reminder that we need each other in order to consider the similarities or dissimilarities that exist between us. The contrasting differences that juxtapose our relationships are not a bad thing, until they begin to divide us and drive us into competitive mode where we try to wrangle a new identity from the arms of another.

‘If you keep trying to be someone else who is going to be you’ - Hungarian proverb

When my doppelganger dissatisfaction forces me to take on another’s identity I lose myself in the process and die a slow death of fakery, and become the brunt of a long running public joke.

Maybe its time to do some honest self talk of acceptance, reminding myself that I am more than enough, and that unless I accept who I am warts and all I will end up striving for something that in the end will destroy my sense of self worth. Don’t let the so-called holiness warriors or success merchants displace your identity and rob you of the peace of mind that is mostly content with your imperfections and maladies.

My identity is so easily influenced by the myriad of comparisons that surround my life. May I be granted the wisdom and discernment to know how to weed out the deceptive invasions of projected expectation that warp my evolving self.