I don't take coffee, I take tea, my dear

I like my toast done on one side

And you can hear it in my accent when I talk

I'm an Englishman in New York. - Sting

Aliens are commonly understood as extra terrestrial life forms that reside in outer space, highly advanced beings that have roamed the galaxy's since the beginning of time. Science fiction has touted this possibility by romancing our minds with the plausibility of these intergalactic beings and the possibility of our inevitable meeting. ‘We are not alone’ is the catch phrase of those who need to dream and religiously hold to a hopefulness of other-worldly proportions. As the human race has evolved and populated our globe we are more and more concerned for the earths ability to cope, prompting the discoverers and innovators amongst us to stretch our imaginations toward inter-planetary life, a placebo that will hopefully sooth our fear of terminality as a human race. The bottom line is though, we are not sure whether to paint aliens as friendly like E.T or foe like the Ellen Ripley horror franchise of ‘Alien’ that saw humans as hosts for their reproduction…now they were scary!

‘Rather than worry about the extra-terrestrial possibilities we should be more concerned with the terrestrial alienation that occurs at the hands of the power mongers who continue to wage class warfare on those who are less fortunate’

Alienation: Wedad Alnasser

Alienation: Wedad Alnasser

We have all fallen prey to the the dreaded curse of feeling left out, isolated or rejected by those who hold the power of privilege and position at their disposal. At some point in life the feeling of being alienated because of race, gender, popularity, cultural identity or economic status will come to us all, seeking to minimise our importance or place in society. Some of us feel this estrangement in our own families, wondering if we were dropped by a stalk at the door, into a home and family that doesn't even make sense sometimes.

The pursuit of genuine belonging is the breaking down of the mystical separation barriers that exist in us all, redefining the sameness that hides in our commonality. After-all, surely we must all be related and have similar DNA if we believe in the ancient evolutionary cycle of emergence?

When I find myself uncomfortable in foreign spaces or new scenarios my primitive alien self can sometimes become antagonistic towards the obvious variance and default to a primordial resistance of sorts. Or, I can conversely try to make the effort to figure out how to connect and communicate in this new paradigm. Learning a new language doesn't come easy but it can ease the pressure of this interactive discomfort. Just like the thought of other species in the multi-verse plays with our imagination, our hearts must also consider other ways of living with each other in deep and meaningful ways…unless of course you have given up and are happy to stay stuck with your head in the proverbial sand.

“The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren't any space aliens. We can't be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we're not all there is. If so, we're in big trouble.” ― Ellen DeGeneres

When we feel the awkwardness of our primitive primate selves we need to corral our fear and attempt to believe that we can advance our societal consciousness by accepting the seemingly strange in one-another. Acceptance goes a long way towards understanding our differences. On the grand scale of things humans are relatively young on the evolutionary journey so let's be patient with each other and offer clear directions, especially if you have found a good path.

I'm a stranger in these parts; give me clear directions. - Psalm 119