‘The responsibility of all religion is to keep wonder alive’ - Mary Catherine Bateson

Wonder is more than a colloquial expression of  inquisitive interest regarding what could be happening outside of your conscious experience. It has a mysterious link to amazement, a magnificent admiration for something beautiful or remarkable, a moment of grandeur that overwhelms our sensibilities and transports us to an ethereal plain of other-worldy realization.  Wonder reminds us that we are a part of an awe-filled universe that is attempting to capture our attention on multiple levels and awaken our consciousness to the celestial spheres.

As a teenager I had a crush on Wonder-Woman, someone who represented a place of escape for my imagination and youthful fantasies, a super-her-o saviour who delivered me from the mundane and materialistic world I was growing up in. She portrayed the beauty of the sacred feminine, rescuing humanity from evil and restoring the balance of order with elegance and an attractive persona to boot. Wonder had a name, an anthropomorphic possibility, an incarnate purpose, that fascinated and distracted me long enough to be carried away to magical worlds of epic possibility.

We use wonder like an optimistic energy to overlay our current reality with hope, like a (wonder) drug, a magical promise that alleviates our sickly condition, retranslating our ordinary lives with renewed health and  vigour. Wonder has no limitations or restrictions, forever evolving and creating she moves us into innovative and inventive space where we re-enchant the world with our unique personality and passion.

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” - Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Religion has always meant to be a conduit to facilitate our imaginary link to wonder, to consider the possibility of God, or whatever name you use to describe other-ness, the original source for all wonder-ment, the alpha and omega of all beauty and radical amazement.

‘Today I look to be amazed by the hidden treasures of wonder that are unearthed to my attention, moving me into the magical future of curiosity' 

Te Henga Sunset

Te Henga Sunset