my skin

If you keep wanting to be someone else who is going to be you?                                                       - Hungarian proverb

We live our lives trapped in the cultural milieu of constant contrast, wondering if we match up to the unfair expectations of an over inflated egocentric society. We never get a moments rest,  pressured on every side to compete for recognition and climb over others to get one step ahead of the pack that bites at our heals with comparisons that do nothing to ease our anxieties. If we refuse to find comfort in our own skin we will invariably lose our specificity as a unique contributor to society. My skin is the largest organ I have, a metaphoric example of how life is constantly changing, shedding the old layers of false expectations and surface values that no longer support my current lifestyle. The epidermis of our humanity is discarded by the new life that is appearing from within and every minute of every day, as a new layer of skin appears, a new me is being exposed to the world, a surfacing of the evolving me.

It takes time to find your true self, that comfort zone that is safe and secure, free from unnecessary comparisons. We need to grow through each life cycle with patient trust, believing that the universe has our best interests at heart and that we have a transcendent other in our corner reminding us that the fight-for-life is not over until it's over.

Our ancient ancestor Jacob is the archetype for the wrestling that we experience inside, the daily battle for significance that confronts our sensibilities. On one occasion he finds himself face to face with his shadow self, wrestling through the night with his desperate cry for significance, his true self. The 'divine wrestle' that forces us to face our darkness and opens the door of our hearts to  the light of newness is a refusal to let go of the providence of our becoming..

Jacob is confronted with the questions 'Who am I.  How do I posture myself in an ever-changing world? How do enjoy the lot I have been given? These are questions that reach to core of our  insecurities, fears, narcissism and need for self-awareness.

After an arduous night of inner turmoil and trauma he finds his new identity in the struggle and comes out of the experience limping, aware of his weakness. This is a forever reminder that being comfortable in your own skin means letting go, staying in touch with the limitations that life puts on you, limitations that go to the very core of how contentment is the guide for the adventure ahead.

Becoming comfortable in your own skin is a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, an everyday awakening to the newness of you.