The role of the Prophet is to lead us into sacred space by deconstructing the old space; the role of the Priest is to teach us how to live fruitfully inside of sacred space. The Prophet disconnects us from the false, and the priest reconnects us to the real at ever larger and deeper levels. Unfortunately, most Ministers might talk of new realms but rarely lead us out of the old realm where we are still largely trapped and addicted. So not much genuinely new happens.                       - Richard Rohr

Reconfiguring the space that I find myself in can sometimes feel like a hit and miss journey of risk and adventure. The Prophet and Priest, within and without, are the twin guides that help me to discover the sacredness of the environ that appears every new day to reconstitute my personhood. 

The Prophet confronts my old familiarity, not to denigrate or disparage my previous paradigm but to conjure up new possibility and suggest that life is evolving with or without me, so why not take the risk and let mystery lead me by the hand into the unknown. The innate bravery of the spirit of prophecy breathes on my staleness, activating a fresh taste of expectation and anticipation. It suggests wild and innovative alternatives that are not restrained by previous iterations of my orthodoxy or orthopraxy. Prophets do not dance to the beat of the institutional drum, but are happy to confide in a willing Priest who will help re-imagine those of us who are trapped in the hamster wheel of the predictable and mundane.


The Priest is the intermediary who renovates the space by exegeting the blueprints of the prophetic in order to instigate a new architecture and aesthetic. Change is a vicious intruder who comes when we least expect it to unsettle our comfortable lives and suggest a make over that sometimes insults our sensibilities. The Priest softens the blow by shaping a creative process that enables us all to adopt change in ever increasing measures. Priestly patience is the virtue of willing acceptance and open hearted resolve that motivates us to enter into the mystery of prophetic futurity.

The Prophet and Priest of my soul must learn to collaborate and compromise together if I am to find the sacredness of the new space available to me. As a human community we must surround and support each other as Prophetic Priests who believe in the plausible goal of maturation and enlightenment.

The two faces of our spiritual formation are the cornerstone of the christ mystery, working together to construct a new humanity, the temple of God on earth.