We are surrounded by a resonance of sound waves that interact with our existence in deep and meaningful ways, the extent of their vibration reaching beyond what language or words can explain. At the very core of our being is a hum that can be described as a divine reverence, a mysterious reverberation that guides the dispersal of all other signals and sound signatures, the essence of which is centred in the heart beat of our physiology, the timbre of its distinction unique to our particular individuality.

“The soul of all life is contained in its voice”

My living sound is a voice that reaches beyond my physicality to connect with all living things, a sub-atomic collusion that seeks to find a univocity of being in all of life. The uniqueness of each individual human sound signature is what gives our humanity a very distinct collective conversation. My life is a listening post, an antenna that corroborates with passing electromagnetic radiation in an attempt to sift through the static and tune in to how it can make a meaningful contribution to society. Sound demands our listening ear in order to reconfigure our humanity and ultimately re-language our vocabulary and evolve our interactive connectivity.

‘We listen to live’...To listen is to feed the soul with the resource of social and spiritual interaction, a reminder that sound has a transcendent quality, like a cosmic calling card it invites us into a terrestrial and extraterrestrial dialogue that has been going on since the beginning of time. This dialogic fuels the pursuit of self-discovery, a type of refracted interaction that collides with the echo of other living things, defining the gravity of our collective significance.

The sacred act of Prayer is a listening tool that enables the possibility of resonant congruity, a contemplative posture that helps us gather our thoughts, find meaningful interpretation and formulate a healthy shared linguistic. 

As the ancient mystic said, "Let your life be slow to speak and quick to listen"