‘Someone once said that maybe they call them miracles because they don't happen that often’

The dictionary defines a miracle as an extraordinary event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.

Down through the ages the mystery of supernatural phenomena has fascinated humanity, enlightening our consciousness and fuelling the accreditation of saints as an archetype for miraculous engagement. Even when our rational minds defend their cynicism and agnosticism the irrational side of our imagination considers the possibility of magical moments that break into our lives to propose other-worldly likelihood. We are all intrigued by the magical and mystical elements of life that animate our inquisition of all things natural, as if to consider that they are somehow secretly hiding the seeds of the supernatural.

We all have subjective inclinations that support the ways in which we define the reality and importance of miraculous moments, so much so that we often pray for some kind of divine intervention. Whether that has evolved out of a religious construct or spiritual worldview it goes to the core of our intrinsic need to believe in the paranormal. For many of us the mythologies that peppered our upbringing have nurtured a creativity and imagination that has been responsible for a romantic interest in wonder and beauty, the twin muses of the miraculous, that are constantly seeking to re-enchant our world.

Maybe the miraculous is more than a sporadic event that infrequently occurs to jolt us from our benign boredom and callous disregard for our spiritual selves? What if the miraculous is resident in the fabric of all matter, the core ingredient of life itself, that primarily goes constantly unnoticed because of our addictive need for a quick thrill of self indulgence or our adrenaline junky pursuit of narcissistic mis-adventure? Or maybe the subterfuge of the miraculous has a hidden agenda that is leading humanity unwittingly towards a glorious transcendent climax…watch this space.

‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it’

- Confucious

‘If we could see the miracle of a single fl’er clearly our whole life would change’

‘If we could see the miracle of a single fl’er clearly our whole life would change’

If the primary role of the miraculous in life is the promotion of beauty and wonder as a confirmation of the divine signature imprinted on everything, then our imaginations need an awakening of epic proportions, especially if we are to stay hopeful in the light of a growing trend towards nihilism and atheism. Watching a garden flourish or a babies birth, the sun rise and set, or participating in the inventiveness of human endeavour are all wondrous expressions of the miraculous that heighten our awareness, enabling us to entertain the prospect of even more elaborate permutations of the inexplicable.

So dream out loud

You know that your time is coming 'round

So don't let the bastards grind you down

-U2: Acrobat

When the bastards of disappointment and disillusionment show up at my door they divert my attention away from the hopeful possibility of miraculous engagement, causing me to lose sight of the beauty and wonder that resides in myself and my fellow humans. Beauty can so easily be smothered by ugliness and wonder can become dominated by dread and then suddenly everything begins to spiral out of control. This is when creation does her best work as an ambassador of hopefulness, refusing to get caught up in the distraction of momentary setback intent on rolling out a new day, or a new season in defiance of all other difficulty and resistance. As each new moment appears the dreams in us miraculously fight for their right to promote our lives as conduits of the supernormal.

Your life is miracle that will continue to survive long enough to prove its worth and value…be patient and trust that you are in great hands.