Bridge over troubled waters

We live much of our lives in liminal space, floating in the in-between, carried along by the fateful currents of life, sometimes barely able to keep our head above water long enough to breathe let alone swim to safer ground, the troubling waters of anxiety and uncertainty often messing with our equilibrium. 

Creations bodies of water are natures metaphor for liminal space, the deep and mysterious hiddenness of unknowing that governs the earths life flow, transitional bodies that connect and carry us to solid ground, the mystical water deities guiding our journey supported by the celestial overlords, Sister sun and Brother moon, who influence from afar.

Our lives are in constant transition moving from one space to another, looking for new places of discovery and belonging, searching for the pleasant spaces that boundary our sense of purpose.

The bridge is our way of creating a cross over point between land and sea, a safe passage between locale, a carrier who transports us over the troubling waters of liminal space. And when I say ‘troubling' I mean perplexing, confusing and out of control moments that demand a new strategy of trust to help motivate and move us forward.


"Bridge over Troubled Water" was composed by Paul Simon and became an instant hit and the signature of Simon and Garfunkel, one of the most performed songs of the twentieth century by over 50 artists, among them Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin.The chorus lyrics were partly inspired by Claude Jeter's line "I'll be your bridge over deep water if you trust in me," which Jeter sang with his group, the Swan Silvertones.

We all need a bridge over troubled waters, a significant other who elevates us above the raging torrents of life, those uncontrollable waters of circumstance that we cannot wade through on our own. Who or what is the bridge that you trust in to carry you across your liminal troubled waters of life, the ‘above’ trajectory that elevates your perspective and gives you a heightened sense of confidence in a positive outcome?  Is it your religious belief, reliance on your fellow human, a misplaced loyalty in fate, or in the heritable characteristics of evolution that propose to have your best interests at heart? 

Learning to trust is our antidote for liminal space, not so much a fast track through tough times but a hopefulness that is based on the possibility of outside intervention from ‘otherness', in whatever form it comes. Trust is my bridge over troubled waters, my belief in a divine other that is somehow deeply involved in guiding my pilgrimage, a reliance upon a hopefulness that overrides my need for certainty, negating the curse of  western rationalist thought that reinforces my deterministic individualism.

The letting go of certainty and  the embracing of trust is an ongoing struggle that I must navigate if I am to find my way through the troubled waters of liminal space, on the way to the ground of my authentic being.

Enjoy the journey!