‘Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous’  - Albert Einstein

There are moments in our lives when the unexplainable happens and we find ourselves baffled by the wonder of surprise, caught up in an event or moment that temporarily suspends our logical  processing. When our sensibilities are confronted by the unexpected and unusual the trans-rational awareness of our spiritual self becomes awakened to a mystical curiosity and fascination that leads to a more contemplative consciousness.

Serendipity is the sacred feminine of the favourable, an expression of approval that enflames our self-worth and sense of purpose, reminding us that the universe is conspiring on our behalf to metaphorically align the stars and defy the impossibilities that life throws at us, proposing an optimistic future.


Without the element of surprise life has no real magic, unless of course we are content with a fixed-set equation of existence that narrows everything down to a scientific and rational qualification, rather than an organic evolution of wonderment.

As children we are mesmerised by the unexplainable and mysterious, enchanted by fairy tales and myth, make-believe friends and other-worldly caricatures forever playing with our imaginations. Our child-like fancifulness loves to experiment and explore the realms of deep mystery constantly recreating and re-enchanting our world.

Then somehow our adult years come along and rob us of the magical by demanding that we settle down and face reality, as if to say that this new reality is actually the only true or possible reality. Responsibility and maturity suddenly becomes the thief of our creative naievity taking up inordinate amounts of space in our minds, dumbing down our imagination, swapping out anticipation for anxiety, joy for over-seriousness

When anxiety apprehends our mind and emotions we lose sight of our optimistic outlook and pessimism takes root in our consciousness, a darkened negativity that with dismissive abandon pours cold water on all wondrous possibility. This consternation begins to question and doubt the veracity of our long-held views of the romantic idealism and childlike innocence that were nurtured in the imagination of our infancy.

And then to the rescue comes serendipitous joy, like a phoenix from the ashes taking flight in our emotions, an exhilaration that reanimates our exhausted and exasperated self, inviting us back into the beauty of life that is all around us. 

Surprise us with love at daybreak; then we'll skip and dance all the day long.   - Psalm 90:14

At the dawn of every new day our love of life recalibrates our physiology and psychology preparing us for the intimate interaction of surprise and astonishment that we need. Love is the original miracle that reminds us of our divine DNA, the very fuel that serendipity feeds off in order to prepare us for the future we deserve.

I am held in the arms of the unknown                                                                                          Carried along by a numinous deity                                                                                            Unaware of my destination                                                                                                                    I await the outcome                                                                                                                              Will I arrive on one piece                                                                                                                      Only time will tell                                                                                                                                  Fear is my anxiety                                                                                                                                  Trust is my hope.                                                                                                                                     I strengthen my grip                                                                                                                              Holding on to the possibility of surprise.