"Let there be light, my heart is an open sky."

Looking forward.

As we kick start our Church gatherings for 2017 there is that usual strange mix of unknowing and anticipation as we try to reconnect with our weekly ritual.

Will this year be any different to the last, does it need to be, or are we looking for a fresh surge of energy and inspiration to invite us back into this faith space?

Our music has always been the introduction to corporate engagement, a communal glue that only song can supply. The music leader, like a conductor, taps his baton on our shoulders and orchestrates the collective harmonies that will provide the backing track for our 2017 story-line.

On Sunday Nic opened with a familiar song that has never really captured our collective singing imagination…until today.

When he stepped up to the microphone I had an image of the Boss (Bruce Springstein) at a recent concert opening with ‘Royals’ by Lorde, a genius moment of cultural connect that lured us into his musical web, momentarily mesmerising us with an acute dexterity and hypnotic power. The artistry of all good musicians, like a pied piper, is to convince the audience to join in and follow you down this transcendent pathway.

‘Let there be light, my heart is an open sky’ took on ‘Royals’ status as it provided a way for us to find our voice, poetic words capturing our imagination, opening our lives up to a sacredness in the moment. 

Could 2017 be about God shedding new light on areas of our lives, awakening new realms of expansiveness in our faith journey? 

Light is a primary metaphor for God and a primary mode of divine revealing to all of creation. The first spoken words of God in the Genesis story, the ever-glow of life that awakens us every day, an opened eyed invitation to live aware of the Divine who shines in 10,000 places. 

Let there be light in our darkness, this daily revealing of God who appears at dawn to  surprise and delight, never to allow our shadow self to dominate proceedings.

Light is an antidote to the despair that darkness can bring, that thick cloud of unknowing that we all must learn to navigate through. Light becomes the pathway that emerges before us as we step into an unclear future with bright hope. Light like a new horizon, gives the heart something to reach for, an open landscape of discovery and adventure, a broad spectrum vista that provokes in us an inquisitive notion of purpose and meaning. As each day emerges I am evolving, becoming me.

Like the dawn chorus, the songs we sing are a hum of reverence dictating our mood, rhythm and mobility, ever pushing us forward into new wonderment and the undiscovered world of otherness, mystery, and adventure. Every great journey has a theme song that enlivens the plot, moving us through the narrative like a prophetic guide intent on manipulating our emotions to feel every moment.

In 2017 open your heart and mouth and let God fill it with the sound/light of heaven.

As the psalmist says…“I will sing, sing a new song…"