How do I know if my life is heading in the right direction, making sense or achieving the results that really matter? These existential questions plague the human condition with relentless abandon, never seemingly satisfied with any rational explanations that might sound like feasible answers.

Every year we make new resolutions based on previous unmet expectations hoping for some kind of magical remedy for the constant disappointments that seem to arise based on our addiction to comparison and competition.

The measuring rods that we use to define our sense of achievement are influenced by a raft of cultural presuppositions that often never deliver or satisfy. We often feel like our backs are against the wall and time is not on our side. Our fear of missing the mark or missing out is depriving us of the contentment we really need.

“Life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments.” ― Armin Houman

We have been told that we have to use our time wisely, set goals, make a list, review our plan and manage life with scrupulous discipline which seems pragmatic and maybe productive, but oh so boring. Life is more than attainment, winning, acquiring, and procuring in order to accomplish something.

If we could just pause and take a break from the frenetic drivers that govern our continued progress of existence based we might actually discover a deep sense of satisfaction that hides in the sacred moments.

mother teressa.jpeg

Father time is the personification of time itself, depicted as an elderly man that hovers over us like a winged creature carrying a scythe and hourglass, or a time keeping device that represents times one-way movement. Eventually he became a companion of the grim reaper, the embodiment of death. Around the new year Father time became a convenient trope, stylised wearing a sash with the previous years date on it. This characterisation helped to promote a subtle humiliation or embarrassment around our misuse of time and challenge to improve our use of it. While Father time is the pragmatic and practical reality of life as we know it Mother-moment is the nurturing companion that draws us into the deep immeasurable experience of the significant. If Father time is the fore ground of truth then Mother moment is the background of meaning.

Hiding in the backdrop of your hectic schedule or busyness is REST, the divine pause that recalibrates your attention so that you can enjoy the beauty of the moment that is there for you. Rest is not non-doing but rather a lean back into the real doing of being. I am a human being that contributes to the landscape around me in ways that go far beyond any kind of extrinsic personal participation to the benefit of society.

For most people I suspect that time is considered to be something which ‘flows’ relentlessly and continuously; which you might be able to slow down if only you could move fast enough; but which you have to live with, and through, and the very existence of which, surely nobody can ever challenge. To me it is ‘the relativity of events’ and with no events there can be no such thing as ‘time’. - Robert F. Beck.

In the relentless and continuous hides moments that will slow you and ground you in the experience of something significant. These events are glimpses of the divine that interact with your life reminding you that you are not alone nor insignificant. Those moments are a mixed bag of good and not so good, a reminder that life does not move to a predefined script with preferential outcomes.

Enjoy and endure the moments you are given and time will be on your side.