Shifting Sands

The contour of life suggests that it is a delicate mix of formative change and evolutionary advancement. There is something in play that proposes an obligation to cooperate with the powers that govern the universe lest we resist their best intentions for our lives. While the universe moves in beautiful harmony we are caught up in the trajectory if its daily unfolding, watching with inquisitive enquiry as to how our life fits in the grand scheme of things. 

Standing on a beach watching the wind reconstitute the sandy shore is a reminder that the breath of life is constantly formatting the ground we stand on, the very foundation of all that we reside in.

Someone once you said you can't build a house on sand because it is not stable and cannot hold the weight of permanence or the inclement nature of life. Rather than build on sand you walk on it, and as it moves and changes under our feet we move and change with it. Shifting sand is an invitation to walk on the soft  delicate ground of impermanence, the transitory nature of liminal space that is forever leading us into the future that is constantly in flux.

The Genesis writers record Gods words to Abraham, the Father of our faith, "I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore." Sand is a metaphor that reminds us of the inheritance that we stand and walk on everyday, the earth giving birth to a future and a hope.