We are designed to flourish best in environments of mutual interdependence where our life flow is fed by the conscious and sub-conscious connections that occur. 

At a conscious level we all constantly evaluate the reciprocal benefits available to us and very quickly ascertain the importance of the time allocation we give each other. This primal space is a user friendly habitat that is primarily focussed on personal survival and self fulfilment, where the base drivers of our humanity are exposed for all to see, a reminder that the ego is alive and well in our individuality.

'Human beings place their desires ahead of the collective good'.    - Deepak Chopra

As we go a little deeper we discover our sub-conscious self that moves to the rhythm of a different cosmic drum, where life takes on  universal reliance and our lives begin to discover their part in the ubiquitous narrative of interdependence and interconnection.  Our sub-consciousness is dependent on a sacred otherness that reaffirms our role in the greater good.

There is a romantic idealist in all of us who is motivated by an altruistic naivety of utopian proportions, which can only be understood or embraced as we enter into the collective consciousness of the universal human experience. My life is not just a uniquely individualised expression but a collection of inter connected and colliding particles that have been passed on by all of those who have gone before me.  I am truly my father and mothers son, a mix of male and female, English and Maori, conservative and liberal, pre-modern and modern, religious and irreligious, introvert and extravert. 

We are all defined by the collective componentry that  has come together to express the life that we now live. Becoming comfortable in our own skin is not only accepting what you see in the mirror but also about rejecting the projected expectations of a societal reliance on narcissism and self gratification. The collective heart of society is under siege from an addiction to social media, where comparing, competing, and climbing over one-another for personal advantage is the primary currency, moving us further away from our true mandate to reimagine and re-enchant the world together.

Your collective self is a beautiful mosaic of all that has gone before you, bringing you to the place that you now find yourself in, fully alive, fully present, fully you. You are a wonderful gift to the world, not because you are making up the numbers but because you endeavouring to own your place in the cosmos.  

The collective consciousness is not just about a whole bunch of individual people coming together to make a unified togetherness statement but helping each other to reconnect to that ancient creed of ONENESS that has been expressed in numerous forms down through the ages.

‘Whom God has joined together, let no man seperate’

Joining is something that will naturally occur because that is how we are instinctively wired and work best for the greater good. The real challenge for humanity is overcoming our independent separatist selves who find it easier to exclude rather than include. Bias, prejudice and all forms of objectification may well be our greatest obstacles on the road to redemption as a human race. 

The collective must surely be about joining hands and hearts to walk close and work conscientiously for a better world.

'I am a strong person but every now and then I need someone to hold my hand and tell me everything will be alright'.   - Unknown