There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful. -Howard Thurman

In order to cope with the variances and contradictions of life we often find our imaginations transported to places of celestial bliss where divine beings reign with unparalleled benevolence, a wondrous alternate world of beauty that helps us to find rest and breath deeply again. We all need places to go to when we feel like the ugliness of life is sucking the very marrow from our bones, drowning our hope in the sea of cynical distrust, especially towards our fellow human citizens. Maybe angels have wings for that very reason, a means of mystical transportation that carry us away, rescue us from the very situations that trap our lives in the claustrophobic oppression of the tedious and quotidian monotony of the mundane. The artists who gave our angles wings knew that society would some day need a way of escape from the boredom that creeps in to rob us of the beauty that sometimes dissipates in our lives.


Angels are our rescuers, the restorers of hope, the timely messages (angel: latin = messenger) that break into our lives in the most unique of ways through the the most unlikely of characters in order to recalibrate and reconstitute our sense of well-being. They show up when we least expect it and really need it. Angels take on whatever form they need in order to help us notice the munificence of their concern and care for us.

While our imagination needs the para-normal nature of their existence our everyday lives often demand a more rational explanation and examination of the facts. Angels are a metaphor for the breaking in of 'help’ an incarnation of the divine, an appearing of a trans-rational phenomena that confounds our cause and affect logic. Without a logical explanation I am immediately invited into a world where I can know that I am not alone and that there is a providential care that is contributing to my evolving sense of meaning.

There have been times in my life when I have encountered unexplainable coincidences that pointed my life in a new direction, helped to settle my anxieties or reinvigorated my trust in the sacred. The incongruous nature of my surroundings can often disrupt my internal harmony which requires the intervention of something angelic.

On one occasion I was experiencing the 'day after' residue of an exhausting event and found myself in a local clothing outlet pandering to the spirit of retail therapy, as a way to bolster my day after speaking performance insecurities. While standing in the store a ‘window washer guy’ came in, walked up to me and proceeded to hand me a note which said something like, “you are my beloved son, well done” or words to that effect. I was rather stunned and bewildered to say the least and took a moment to adjust to the profundity of the moment! After a few moments of perplexity I walked out of the store to talk to the gentleman, only to find that he was no where to be seen..which in hindsight doesn't seem that surprising given that I have always wanted to believe in Angels, and especially given that my agnosticism was well overdue for some repudiation.

Angels are more real and human than you realise, it just takes time to notice and recognise their appearing. I would really like to believe that we are surrounded by angels and subject to their ongoing interaction whether they incarnate in humans or some other form of natures bidding. The messages we receive every day are often so subtle that we have lost the obviousness of their appearing.

Maybe we need to close our eyes and just listen to sounds around us and pick up on the nuances and whispers that are often missed. It is a known fact that when you restrain one sense the others heighten, something that the contemplatives remind us to pursue through the practice of meditation.

Meditation is the art of focussing in order that we can pick up on the messages that life is giving us, the angels that visit to enhance our lives with the contributions of otherness.

So pause, close your eyes, breathe, listen, and then open your eyes to see a whole new world that is speaking and singing to you.

‘I slept one night and dreamed of angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth, when I awoke I instinctively knew that the divine had always been in this place and I didn’t even know it’ - Jacob