“The great thing, if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one's 'own,' or 'real' life. The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one's real life -- the life God is sending one day by day.”  - C.S. Lewis

We all start out with a preferred way of approaching every day, a tentative assumption of positive outcomes that derive their source from a romantic idealism or rational pragmatism. Wanting the achievable best in every situation is what feeds our trust in fate and hope in some kind of mystical intervention. The underlying notion of happiness that fuels our consciousness is constantly on the lookout for  the possibility of fulfilment and deep satisfaction.

No matter how hard we try to engineer a healthy outcome we cannot seem to avoid the inevitable intrusions that interrupt our agenda or secret aims. Life is an unpredictable beast that refuses to be contained or corralled by our preferences, or subjugated to certain rules or regulations that govern our wishful expectations.

Interruption is Gods way of saying we-are-not-in-charge of outcomes and that our desire to mastermind the end result must acquiesce to the greater force of universal providence.

Annoying and unpleasant disturbances are something we must embrace, or at least put up with if we are going to mature as a human race. The over-promising convenience that our consumeristic culture proposes has reduced our concentration span to that of a gnat (not sure if gnats have a short concentration span?) and our resilience has become severely undermined by the proliferation of an endemic impatience.

We have all been interrupted at some stage by someone who needs our immediate attention, often ignoring the rules of healthy human engagement with their overbearing presence. As hard as it is to try and ignore them and do our best to remain focussed, the feeling of obligation takes its due course and we placate the moment. There is a little child in all of us that needs instant gratification, a reminder that there is a deep disturbance in the human soul that is constantly crying out for help.  Intrusion is a  notice-me-neediness that craves interactive intervention.


Interruption is a slowing mechanism that the divine has designed to sedate the hurry that nips away at our heels. If we don't slow to consider the ramifications of this possible sacred intercession then we could miss an opportunity to embrace a moment of contemplative reflection. Our human evolution has been a long drawn out process, millions of years of natural selection that nature has overseen in order to remind us that we are not solely defined by the current cultural fads that emerge to try and rush the process of our development. No matter how advanced we think we are, we are still subject to powers outside of our control, a dependence on an otherness that has more to say than we realise.

A side note here, over the many years that I have driven our burgeoning motorways I have seen a change in our attitude toward the ‘sacred other’ driver who seeks to squeeze into the traffic lineup. We have finally realised that the impatient rage of rush no longer needs to dominate our journeying. The vehicle indicator has become a divine interjection that slows our conscious restlessness.

'God-is-interruption-itself, the random supernatural surprise that overwhelms our sensibilities’ 

The best interruptions are those that spark the likelihood of rich dialogic interaction, an inconvenient truth that breaks into our familiar and predictable ways of being, providing us with the option to pause and consider a bigger world-view and comprehend a different way of being.

Give yourself permission to pause today and consider the rich ramifications of every disturbance that seeks to capture your attention, enlarge your imagination and recalibrate the orientation of your life.